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The new Americana neighborhood offers a unique and subtle blend of East and West: the fun and excitement of the American experience and unrivaled Western building quality married to legendary Armenian hospitality and comfort. The Americana offers a unique experience in Armenia: a home away from home, a cozy nest located right off the Ashtarak highway and only a few miles from the center of Yerevan, capital of Armenia.

The residences at the Americana will include 19 private homes and five apartment buildings, which will include duplex apartments. The implementation of these unique architectural details and western building standards has been entrusted to the team of SaGa-Shin, headed by its experienced and detail oriented Director Khatachadur Galstyan.

The American legacy and standard of living of the project is brought up by the equally respected Tigran Sahakyan, who brings to the table 20 years of experience in land development and construction in New York.


State-of the-art offerings that make the Americana stand out include: a modern and reliable security system, artistic lighting solutions, 24-hour shopping that includes the most sought-after brands, as well as renowned beauty salons, restaurants and entertainment venues. The common areas will also include green spaces and flowered parks, and for your children play spaces and a kindergarten that meet the highest educational standards. A Community Board, to be established by the homeowners, will address all resident concerns in order to make this a uniquely flawless suburban living experience.

The creators of the Americana are working diligently day and night to bring this secure corner of luxury and prosperity to Armenia by 2021-22. But luxury and peace-and-quiet can also be exciting! Cultural events of the highest quality, as well as concerts with international stars and holiday celebrations such as Christmas and Vardivar will make you want to never leave your home at the Americana!

Living inside this lovely, green gated community away from the noise and pollution of the capital city of Yerevan will afford you a truly relaxed and stress-free existence. All this less than ten kilometers from the Opera House and Republic Square!

So if you are looking for a stylish, peaceful neighborhood in a vibrant secure setting for you and your family choose the Americana! And if you want to live in suburban comfort while experiencing the dream of city living, then come join us at the Americana!

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